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[EDITOR'S NOTE: I cannot personally vouch for the following content, but it has the ring of truth. I received the following by e-mail 4/7/99. The only editing has been paragraphing and correcting the odd misspelling that apparently came from hasty keyboarding done under stress. If rough language and heartache puts you off, read no further.]

Hi, John

I hope things are going well. I have a client who is a nurse and the Prez of the Okanagan [British Columbia] Humane Society. Her name is Nina Ziegler and she took some leave to help out in Albania. I have transcribed the FAX word for word and I thought you might find her perspective from the scene "interesting."

Her ex-husband (Lyle) is an American Army doctor working in the same camp and she refers to him in the note. I haven't censored or proofed it. If you think other readers would be interested I guess it should be "sanitized" but, considering what she is experiencing, I suppose I would be using the F word more than could be considered politically correct in some circles too.

May the Gods keep this insanity from our borders.

Dave Youngmann

From: "nina ziegler"
To: "Dave youngmann" davyoun@idirect.com
Subject: Fax from Nina Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 09:21:55 -0700 MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Priority: 3 Status:

Good Morning VIETNAM !! I found somebody who promised me to send this fax to you later. I can not use the military office since we are considerd civilian personnel. There seems to be no phone in this fucked up place that i can use.

I am in beautiful Kuke, Albania, very close to the border to Kosovo. Its not exactly CLUB MED here but its not like Kuke has nothing to offer. Infectious diseases? Name it, we got it. Hep C, scabies, pneumonia, even saw some people cough up blood. We get an TB outbreak, and I am moving my ass out of here really fast.

We also have mud, and shit, and tears, and vomit en masse. Lots of shit. HUMAN SHIT. FECES up to my ankles wherever i go. The smell I can not describe. It makes you loose your mind.

I spent my first day vaccinating people. Since there are about 65 000 here, it will take me awhile. The new ones come faster than they die. I feel good knowing at least they STARVE HEALTHY. There is hardly any food, or running water. I have not slept or changed my clothes since i left Canada. Fucking cold here too.

It took me a while to find Lyle. First thing he did when he saw me was to cut my hair off. He said its because of headlice and oh by the way, the risk of getting RAPED is higher with long hair. Can you imagine that i drag my ass half way around the world and as a thank you get raped. Lyle says I look like GI Jane now, just better. He always was a pathetic liar.

I am so scared at night, I will not sleep. I found some duct tape and taped my bearspray to my hand just in case i nod off and get a visitor. I wish i would have a gun. FIRST THING when i get home is to learn how to shoot a gun. Get me a fucking gun, a big one, will you.

Lyle showed me a woman tonight. Her baby died a few days ago. She is still carrying that dead baby around. Nobody can come near her. Most people have this crazy look on their faces. God only knows what they have seen. I dont want to know. I tell myself all day that i am not responsible for those people beeing in that situation. I am not mother Theresa. Just want to do my 3 weeks and go HOME.

There is this kid that is following me around all day. He is maybe 5 or 6 yrs old. I tried all day to find his parents or other relatives but nobody seems to know him. He doesnt talk, just stares at me. I think he is shell shocked or something. I have been feeding him stuff i got at the airport. I tried to chase him away but he just followes me. Lyle thinks i look like his mother maybe. Its driving me insane.

My Albanian is getting better by the day. Nothing like a little trip that expands my horizon. I can already say FUCK OFF, FUCK YOURSELF.

There was talk tonight that the Serbs will let some Red Cross doctors and nurses over into Kosovo. Apparently there are another 100,000 people stuck. What a nightmare, i think i am in a bad dream.

I am feeling pretty sick myself. I threw up all day and have stomach cramps. Maybe its just jetlag. I wont be able to get in touch for a while now. That Italian asshole said only one fax per week since there are too many people trying to fax. I promise i wont come home in a bodybag.


[EDITOR'S NOTE:If you are into praying, say one for Nina.]

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