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Dave's bad card, bad sign day in Quebec


Beware to whom in Quebec you present your English language business card. You may be breaking the law.

It is verboten, under Article 52 of the Charter of the French Language, to give anyone an English-only business card unless they specifically ask for it.

And if, after the first warning from the pointy headed feckers of l'Office de la langue française, you persist in doling out your Anglo cards you could be fined up to $1400.

Ask Dave Amsel, the owner of a Montreal video game store.

First, a visiting pointy headed fecker/inspector pointed out his sign configurations were breaking the law. Amsel had 14 French signs and six English signs. That was cool -- by Quebec law you have to have twice as many French-language signs.

The problem was, the letters on the signs were the same size. Bad move, Dave.

He was told to put up six more French signs, for a total of 20. That would ensure predominance of the French language.

Then the fecker/inspector asked for his business card. Amsel whipped it out.

Another bad move by Dave. It was his personal card, it was in English, and it was illegal.

His French-language card was bad, too.

It gave his store's address as Décarie Boulevard instead of the proper French, which is Boulevard Décarie.

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