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A wake-up call for the beef industry

Editor, The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

It may have only been one cow, but the realization that mad cow disease was found on Canadian soil sent shock waves through every part of this country.

It prompted senior politicians to stage photo ops with steaks in an attempt to reassure the public that it's okay to eat beef.

It is OK to eat beef say the specialists, it's just not OK to eat the brains or spinal cords of infected beef. And all this, it would appear, because animals are eating rendered animal parts hidden away in their feed. Go figure.

There is one easy way to stop all this nonsense to allow Canadians, Americans and everyone else who eats our beef to feel confident and reassured that it would not make people sick: not this week, not next week, not in five years from now. Stop feeding animals to animals. Cows and pigs and sheep and chickens are grazers. They eat grass and hay and grain.

It's time for the federal government to legislate animal protein out of animal feed.

While we're waiting for the government to adopt such legislation, the industry could take positive action and self-regulate the same thing.

It's true that such action doesn't help alleviate the ongoing crisis we're now in. That won't go away until we figure out where that one cow came from and how it became infected.

Keeping animal protein out of animal feed will help to build a stronger industry for the future and we need that kind of foresight and strategic planning now.

Karen Macdonald, writes for The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.


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