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Letter from Dubai

Chris Manning & Chris Manning
Gulf Correspondents

Posted 03.27.03

We thought we'd give you a quick update from here. So far all is well and calm in Dubai.

The secret police must be doing a good job keeping the lid on dissent as there has been very little public manifestation of dissatisfaction with the war, but we know that there is. Chris's school, which is part of a bigger group of companies, sent an interesting letter to its employees:

"I would like to convey the following message from our Chairman Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor.

During this critical time we would like to thank God that we are in a safe country. The aggression on Iraq is far way from us.

At this time any management executive staff suddenly leaving his job for war reasons is considered to be disloyal to the country and with short vision. Therefore he/she will not be fit to be a part of our Al Habtoor Group teams.

Accordingly, we wish all of you to concentrate harder on your work in order to achieve our budgets and business targets."

That says it all I guess.

Most expats are being a little cautious. Some have been told to go by their companies who have shipped out to another location. Aussies & Kiwis were told to leave by their respective embassies last week, but I doubt if any took any notice.

Its beginning to look as if the US may lose the war when it tries to enter Baghdad and goodness knows how that will go down in the US. It will bring the house down -- economy, government, and just about everything else so head for the hills.

Well, it's sunny and getting quite hot but we're off for a therapeutic round of golf.

Chris & Chris

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