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The Silent Lieutenant (2700 words)
As the Yom Kippur war entered its third week, our platoon deployed along the old border through which the Syrian divisions had burst in their surprise attack. Our mission was to block the Syrian armored groups that, despite losing their tanks, were continuing their attempts to slip into Syrian-controlled territory. We set out towards evening. It was already late October and shadows were falling early. The days were warm and clear, the winds dry and the nights chilly. The fleeing Syrians were making their way all across the sector held by our battalion.

Elisha Porat writes in Israel.

Young Ram in Jerusalem (2900 words)
They met through good friends. He agreed to be called single for the meeting. And she really was single.

Elisha Porat writes in Israel.

Goolies ~ Chapter 2
"Frankie, Frankie. I'm open, pass me the puck."
David Square writes in Manitoba.

The War Wagon (3200 words)
The single-horse wagon lumbered through northern Virginia, axles creaking, clouds of yellow dust billowing in its wake. It was a strange-looking contraption, resembling a small, narrow room that had been detached from a house and perched precariously atop four wheels. Painted on its whitewashed sides in fancy gold and black lettering was Jedediah A. Zane - Fine Photographic Images.
Gerald E. Sheagren is a factory worker in Torrington, Connecticut.


The night Horatio saved Christmas
An original Children's Story. Please feel free to download, print out, and share with others. Read it to your children.
John Mahoney, Editor, Log Cabin Chronicles.

Martha is dancing in butternut time (1100 words)
By John Mahoney. Editor, Log Cabin Chronicles.

I Dream of Jeannie (1000 words)
By John Mahoney.

The old man (1000 words)
By John Mahoney.


Young Ram in Jerusalem (2900 words)
They met through good friends. He agreed to be called single for the meeting. And she really was single.

Clean Slate (9000 words)
Yes, for me too, that was my first encounter with a real impostor. Of course, I did not believe it at first. I behaved as everyone did. No one wanted to believe that our Yehoshua, Shuka Mashiah, the platoon clerk, was an impostor from so far back that a long-standing dossier of suspicions against him amounted to a thick file. As later became clear, he was no mere impostor but a cruel one.
Elisha Porat, an Israeli writer, is the author of The Messiah of LaGuardia, and Payback, two collections of his stories.

The lost son (5000 words)
Leaning back in my chair, I sighed deeply in agreement. Through the large window behind him, I saw new skyscrapers capped by crenellated roofs. The entire right bank of Naha Ayalon was in a frenzy of construction. How did this beehive of activity concern my conversation with the literary editor?

Triple jump (1900 words)
I'm annoyed by the saying attributed to Rabbi Nachman from Bratslav, "The entire world is a very narrow bridge." The words that follow, "What is important is to have no fear," strike me as even falser. It seems that Rabbi Nachman, who was chronically ill, never grew very old.

Two Jews, three immigrants (2500 words)
In a small, grubby room at a cheap Parisian hotel, not far from the French capital's river, three seated men are chatting. Two of them are Jews, but all three are immigrants. It is early February, 1957, the day is cold and cloudy. The ancient heating system in the room doesn't work most of the day.

Curly headed pussycat (2800 words)
He was sitting by the kitchen table, painted a dazzling blue, with the tape recorder in front of him and my first book of poems lying there among the plates and the breadcrumbs.

A spit in the face (2400 words)
"Behind the commandant's auto crawled covered trucks, followed on foot by a large troop of Guardists, the Slovak Nazis. Their black uniforms augured evil tidings. In the solemn, still twilight that Yom Kippur night, the sight of them was terrifying."

The Memory of Helicopters (1200 words)
Like a band of messengers bearing fateful news, a flock of pelicans flew past the lighthouse at Stella Maris.

War Baby (650 words)
Why this name, War Baby?

A dozen baskets of sand (1550 words)
"The summer after the Yom Kippur War, I was one of those called up to perform the immense task of transferring war dead from their temporary graves for final burial. At headquarters, I was issued a new uniform with shiny unit patches and gleaming stripes. I even received a beret, the likes of which I hadn't worn since my discharge from regular service."

A diagnol view (5000 words)
"I position the camera on the roof of the old outpost. I`ve been looking for the perfect observation point ever since yesterday. What I need is a clear, infinite field of vision.

Night of the Scorpions (2700 words)
It was night in Israel, and the desert writhed...


Novel episode#1: Hell's Elongated Bells
First Installment: Grandfather faces off with a moose.
David Square's novel has 45 chapters. It may be the longest-running work of fiction ever published on the Internet.

The Kite (1000 words)
Wet adventure on Lake Memphremagog.
David Square remembers from Manitoba.


Neighbors (425 words)
Frank was spry and full of good humor. He was bent from long years of manual work. He was seldom without his pipe and in his later years an enormous cancer grew where the pipe sat. He kept his whiskey in the barn, considering Nettie's strong prohibition leanings

The egg that went to Tanglewood (570 words)
Summer passed and as our anniversary approached, my husband and I made plans to attend a concert at Tanglewood. It was a rush to get home from work, do chores, get dressed, and make the long drive to Tanglewood to arrive at the concert on time. As we rushed to the car, I grabbed my raincoat from the closet. We arrived at Tanglewood just as the lights were dimming.
Fran Errion keeps animals and writes on her homestead near Buskirk, New York.

Antonio is being dreamed (1300 words)
In which old Tony remembers the before.

Have a nice day Short story (350 words)
By Adrienne Fisher, Education adminstrator, Newport, Vermont.

The Lemming Effect (3200 words)
"Loser" fiction, in progress.
Lewis Evans writes in Quebec.

Shiner (800 words)
A neat story for kids.
To read this story en français, GO HERE...
Mario Leblanc writes Quebec City.

In a place of dragons (7000 words) Suggest downloading.
A fish story told by an expert with pen, rod, and reel.
Jerry Gibbs is the veteran Fishing Editor of Outdoor Life This short story is from his book Steel Barbs, Wild Waters published by Outdoor Life Books. It is offered here with permission of the author.

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