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Frank Bernheisel
Frank Bernheisel
Posted 05.18.09
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Did Pelosi Know?

May 18, 2009

Of course Nancy Pelosi knew, because anybody who was paying any attention at all, knew.

In January 2002, the Bush administration announced that it would not be bound by the Geneva Conventions in handling prisoners captured in Afghanistan.

Then, in May 2004, if there was any doubt, we all were treated to pictures from Abu Ghraib. And if we believed that it was just Charlie Graner and his merry band, we also believed in the tooth fairy.

Everybody knew and stayed silent. Nobody did anything because nobody cared. The American people did not care; they were busy watching Jack Bauer on "24" save the US by torturing bad guys. It was OK, it was right there on TV.

No member of the Bush Administration resigned in protest over phony legal justifications of torture and no member of the military resigned over a decision that they knew and stated would harm American service personnel.

President Bush was reelected in November 2004 with 50.7 percent of the largest turnout vote in history.

So does this make Americans any different from the Germans in WWII who knew that torture and killing was being done in their name? At the end of WWII, we knew that waterboarding and other torture techniques were used by the Nazi Gestapo and this evidence was used to convict Nazis at Nuremburg.

More recently, the United States Army court martialed a soldier for waterboarding in 1968 during the Vietnam conflict.

So I guess the answer to the question is no, we are no different. However, now some of us have changed our minds (but not Dick Chaney) and decided that torture is bad and should be punished. However, we were complicit.

So let's hang Nancy Pelosi -- we need a scapegoat.

Our media should be able to show that she knew something back then and did not tell the truth about that. Besides as one talking head said the other evening, "she should really stay off television."