"Ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Posted 07.25.12

SHAWVILLE, QUEBEC | Over a year ago, severe rains resulted in widespread flooding in Aylmer and across West Quebec. Losses were significant for homeowners – the Outaouais is still struggling to make up for its losses.

We're getting accustomed to reports of weather that would have been shocking twenty years ago. Two weeks ago Edmonton was hit with tornado-speed winds, hail, and flash flooding, with many drivers abandoning their cars on flooded highways. American reports of multiple tornados, floods, continent-sized drought and lightning-caused blackouts amid super-hot weather are almost routine.

While most of the damages are covered by insurance, we know the limitations of insurance -- many Aylmer families are still waiting for their insurance payouts a year after the floods. Insurance companies duck and weave to minimize their costs -- they are blaming the city for the 2011 flood damages, for example.

We see Greeks and Spaniards protesting huge bank bailouts on the backs of ordinary citizens and we've seen students fighting social services shrinkage. How long before the weather bombshells bring out ordinary citizens, tired of paying for the effects of climate change? Paying higher insurance premiums, paying for rebuilding, and replacing family and heritage possessions -- all because the climate change deniers insist these are "acts of God" and not human -- or corporate-caused disasters.

Is there really a big difference between bailing out bankers who've gambled away the public's money and us paying for the devastation caused by Big Oil (and coal, etc)? We, the world's citizens who work honestly for a living, are paying the costs of white-collar greed. The cracks in market economics are spreading.

Why would anyone buy into climate-change denial any more than buying into the excuses of the financial fraudsters?

That's a genuine question because it raises the fact of population manipulation, done largely via the corporate media and government obfuscators. Why are we supporting all these white-collar criminals when they are foisting their own losses directly onto our backs?

The oceans are rising; most ice caps are melting, desertification is spreading, and the jet stream is changing, bring down upon our heads the most unimaginable weather. And we're expected to pay for all this?

How long can we expect this to keep up before the ranks of Occupy, the students, and others start to swell -- all those angry with a world that seems to be managed exclusively for the benefit of the infamous one-percent and their corporations?

It's ironic that the USA, home of the world's loudest climate-change deniers, is suffering so much from the devastation of climate change. That irony applies to us all. How much battering, flooding, burning, and general suffering will we swallow for no good reason other than profit-maximization and bonus-creation?

How long before those folks abandoning their flooded cars and rotting basements hit the streets -- and eventually the ballot boxes?

Climate change is bringing more change our way than merely bad weather.

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