Canada's Conservative Party War against the Placenta

Posted 02.05.13

SHAWVILLE, QUEBEC | With Canada's Parliament back in session, we've just been told that the Dirty Tricks Squad will re-introduce the "abortion debate" this term. Oh, these folks!

Their fury is directed against a new medication which stops the development of the placenta in the very early stages of pregnancy. Although Health Canada's medical researchers will rule on this drug's safety and efficacy, the Squad wants the political class, not the doctors, to shut the whole thing down. The drug has been legal and in use in Europe and the USA for many years, and appears to carry no threat to the mother's health or her future.

The Squad will characterize this as a holy struggle to defend the sanctity of human life. But they are called the Dirty Tricks Squad for a reason -- in this case it's to distract MPs and the public from the very pressing economic issues facing the country.

Throw in a juicy emotional issue like "sanctity of life" or just the loaded word "abortion" and, presto, no one is noticing the economic crashes around us. The government can still claim to be managing the economy "well." That's what dirty tricks are all about.

This is more than tricking -- it is hypocritical. Hypocritical because many people agree that all life is holy. Many will protest, sign petitions, make calls, write letters, etc. -- indignant that our government is approving a drug "to kill babies," or other such pathetic overstatements.

If the Tricks Squad and the public, who buy into these campaigns, really did want to end threats to human life, we would all be out there with petitions. Very few people want to kill anyone.

But it is a fact that this Squad and their followers don't see anything wrong with killing others --= within limits. For example, do they oppose war, which sends hundreds of young people to die and millions of civilians to an early and often horrible death? Haven't heard from them on this, only on the foetus.

Shouldn't they also oppose the death penalty wherever it still exists, in the US, China and Iran? Do they encourage their own government to fund poverty abatement programs, since poverty is one main cause of early death? Do they insist their own government, now in power, treat native communities with equality and compassion in a bid to end the suicides and accidental deaths caused by overcrowding and addictions? Do they demand better funding and research for high schools -- with their 700-plus attempted suicides last year in Canada?

Do the anti-abortionists link their pro-life talk with ending life-shortening pollution as well as poverty, with increasing education, with increasing help for the mentally ill. You get my point, I'm sure.

"Abortion" is a political and religious battle flag and that is where their hearts rest: politics and religion, not with life and happiness. When these so-called pro-lifers really begin to support life, then we might look at their great claims against, for example, a placenta-limiting drug.


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