Homegrown terrorists in Canada?

Posted 10.30.14

SHAWVILLE, QUEBEC | Amid the sadness and shock of the recent attacks in Canada, there have been voices of reason and careful analysis, but they've been drowned by the media's single-minded focus on tears and breast-beating.

One alternative line of reason is that the attackers are not religiously motivated terrorists as much as mentally unbalanced individuals. Had they been where they belonged, in a mental-health facility, and not out on the street, these horrible events might not have occurred.

Why were the killers not in a mental facility? There's a clear answer -- those facilities were deliberately closed by politicians seeking to "save money" and "reduce taxes,"

Did those decisions save money? Or was the problem merely moved from psychology to policing? Was it really wise to throw out therapy and bring in jail cells -- or living in the streets?

Why do we not hold politicians to account for their more stupid, or in this case, more malicious and destructive decisions? In a way, we are rewarding these ideologues who want a smaller government (because it requires fewer taxes). Shouldn't we consider these ideological politicians also as a type of terrorist, or at least as accomplices?

Our mental health facilities were emptied, their residents basically dumped on the streets of Canada. And -- are we amazed? -- we now have bigger problems.

We are rewarding these ideologues who want activist governments replaced by minimalist ones, supported by an expanded police apparatus, if we buy into their explanation that these attacks are due to militant religion and fanatical movements in the Middle East.

We are rewarding those politicians - who prepared the present disaster-if we don't look more carefully at the situation and instead just increase police power.

Should we even considering expanding their authority and power? Does their record, their accomplishments, tell us they can handle this job?

They knew about the Air India attack before it happened, yet it happened. They knew about the Oka standoff and the FLQ crisis, but those happened nevertheless. They are today tracking those opposed to pipelines and fracking (and who gave them that mandate?), yet missed the assassins. Can they handle more power?

Cynics in the US have pointed out how the Bush administration used the 9/11 attacks to push through its neo-conservative agenda in Iraq, Afghanistan, and at home. Fear was their key.

Ideologues (of all types) use fear to stampede their passive and uninterested populations into these hugely mistaken adventures. We are about to do it all over again, this time with a prime minister who supports and has always supported such juvenile adventures.

Are we really that easy to stampede? Are you? Am I? So why are we buying into policies born of fear


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