Law 'n order is not making Canadians any safer

Posted 11.10.14

SHAWVILLE, QUEBEC | We are not safer under the Harper government than before. Despite this government's commitment to law-and-order jingoism, it seems that although we may indeed have more laws and stiffer regulations now, we are not safer. The attacks on soldiers here at home could be seen as a dramatic and tragic blow-back from this government's foolish commitment to heavy-handed military approaches to complicated problems.

Prime Minister Harper has said he would have joined George Bush Jr in attacking Iraq, gaining himself the nickname of "Little Bush" at the time. Harper did not make decisions then, thank our lucky stars, and now that he does, we find ourselves attacking -- not peace-keeping -- in Libya, the Ukraine, and Iraq/Syria.

Given the two soldiers killed on Canadian soil, and those who fought and died in Afghanistan, how can Harper claim there is more peace and safety now? He has managed to bring this "war" home -- there are jihadis (or any mentally unbalanced people with access to weapons) here. Canada used to be praised as a peace-loving and peace-enforcing nation. Harper has thrown us in with the thugs -- they're on both sides -- and yet has the gall to wrap himself in our flag, in the banners of law and order, and claims to have strengthened Canada in the world. Obviously, he thinks we're slow learners.

Given the attacks here, do you, dear reader, feel safer than, say, twenty years ago? Those attacks are clearly retaliation for our attacks on Iraq -- the militants have told us so. Could it be clearer?

So what could be a positive approach for our once-positive Canada?

That the killers of the soldiers were mentally unstable seems obvious, but our whole world is filled with young men who have few prospects for improving their lives. There are huge populations of young males with little education, few skills, and no financial resources. Why wouldn't they be attracted to religious bigots who assure them that death via suicide attack is a door to a glorious life. It's the only door offered to them.

Are we offering doors? No, we're attacking from the air. We think this won't move them to attack us in turn?

The war in Iraq apparently has so far cost the USA almost four trillion dollars. That would put every single American through university, free.

Imagine if that amount was spent, say, setting up duty-free manufacturing zones in the Middle East, giving every young male a job and living quarters. That would be competition for the evangelical recruiters!

Give young men options to get married, raise a family, buy a home, start a business or a career. Get the young males immersed in paying off a mortgage, a student loan, a car or business loan.

They wouldn't have time -- nor interest -- in blowing themselves up, and us with them. Wouldn't that make us all safer, Mr. Harper?


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