Creeping fascism to Canada's south

Posted 11.08.16

SHAWVILLE, QUEBEC | A lot of observers rolled their eyes when Donald Trump accused the US elections process of being "rigged." However, when the FBI "leaked" the bombshell, two weeks before the vote, that Ms. Clinton "may" be investigated for misuse of e-mails when she was Secretary of State -- resulting in a huge drop in voter support, just as she was putting distance between her candidacy and Trump's -- Trump''s claims all of sudden had some sense to them.

At about the same time, the Bundy sons were acquitted on all charges resulting from their armed occupation of federal property (a wildlife reserve in Oregon) which included threatening employees, desecrating native sites and stealing artefacts, destroying federal property, and so forth. Meanwhile an Oregon film-maker documenting North Dakota pipeline protests is facing life imprisonment by federal authorities -- for trespassing with "intent" to harm.

A week later Amnesty International released data showing that hundreds of environmentalists in Latin and South America have been assassinated this year alone -- with training provided by the US military's School of the Americas. This echoes the near-weekly murders of black people in the US by police -- again, with almost no penalties.

Trump himself has made not-so-veiled threats against Ms. Clinton, against protestors, and against the electoral process -- with no legal reaction.

So Trump--s claim that the government is in the hands of crooks and shysters actually sounds partially true – some branches of the government appear to have been infiltrated not so much by thieves as by right-wing extremists. Author Chris Hedges has documented the rise of fascism in the USA -- in American Fascists (2007) as a violent militias-and-evangelical movement in support of a corporatist agenda -- which he claims has already occurred, at least within key offices. The FBI, CIA, some military and police, offices in the Senate and House (where rightwingers successfully closed the entire government down briefly to flaunt their power), and elsewhere.

It appears that in large rural areas of the USA -- Oregon, Montana, Arizona, and parts of the South - are in effect being terrorized by armed militias, with no push-back by authorities.

Much of this is not new -- remember the John Birch Society (funded by Trump Sr.) or Father Coughlin, Huey Long, George Wallace, the KKK, and others? These once-peripheral forces appear to be grabbing at the steering wheel with Trump's ascendance.

These forces, in the strongest nation on Earth, will not be satisfied to let other countries make their own decisions. Our question is, will the partners of the US in all the trade deals (being foisted on us by the other forces of multinational corporations) be forced along the corporatist-state model -- or can we use those very partnerships to isolate this new out-of-control USA? For example, couldn't we, and our partner Mexico, build our own wall -- around the US? With all the "murders, rapists and drug dealers", we want crypto-fascists to stay within American borders. Or are they already here, too?


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