Canada's PM with a plan?

Posted 2.14.19

SHAWVILLE, QC | With Suicide Prevention Week just past, it's a wonder the federal Liberals didn't take some of the Week's precautions to heart. After foolishly stepping into Trump's neck-snare over China, then joining the distinctly un-liberal gang-up on Venezuela, on-side with the hemisphere's most anti-democratic forces (Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, Paraguay, and the USA), and now protecting SNC Lavalin from bribery prosecution by, in effect, firing the cabinet's senior Aboriginal minister, Justice and Attorney-General -- is something wrong with the lemmings in the Liberal Party's management? Heading for the nearest cliff, with only a few months before the election, seems unwise.

Earlier policy reversals may have stalled the polls but didn't sink the ship. So? Maybe these mis-steps are intentional; they each have a background. Otherwise, what a curious way to back into an election, after leading the polls for three solid years.

And is that the point we've all missed: this is all about the election. Supposedly, the front-runner position is not the best when entering an election; more important is to have the party's popularity rising, to peak on voting day rather than declining, as we now see. Still, the party veterans have talked their way through rougher circumstances, and they've certainly been good at keeping the donations coming in.

Back-room engineering has been well-honed by all three major Canadian parties. Maybe in that context, these big gaffs are not mistakes. Why protect SNC Lavalin, if not for assuring wide corporate support? Given that company's involvement in other not-so-clean projects in Libya, much of Africa, plus Israel, India, the Mid-East, and so on, in the end these are far away. Besides Montreal's mega-hospital, only one: the privatization of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories by Harper has SNC Lavalin threatening our own back yards. SNC's participation in the project to create a super-dump of radioactive waste along the Ottawa River, upstream from Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal, has alarm bells ringing everywhere but in the Party offices.

But what could joining the anti-Venezuela cabal yield the Party? The US-led attempt at a coup against an elected government ("theirs corrupt, ours not", even if Maduro won a stronger mandate in the vote than did our own Liberal government). What's in this for Canada? A few benefits:

    1. Assures the US we are not straying from our historical yapping-dog foreign policy. First with the British Empire, now the American one.
    2. Shows some initiative-grabbing by a government slow on the uptake with, say, China. Our image has its tough side, yes sir.
    3. Supports quot;ourquot; oil companies' designs on Venezuela's Maracaibo deposits.
    4. Or is it this: today's open assault on the Venezuelan government is constantly described in quot;dictatorial leftistquot; optics. Canada is defending democracy against the leftists! And who are the Liberals' hard targets in this election? NDP seats.
Traditionally, when the NDP crashes, Liberals gain. To counter a strong Conservative challenge (in the polls), hammer NDP by fear-mongering about totalitarian leftists! What's scarier than a leftist plot somewhere, anywhere?

Rather than mistakes, these sounds like a song-book for re-election. Of course Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould should be thrown under the bus. She's probably been eyeing the still-leaderless NDP.


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