The haiku of political hard-headedness

Posted 5.1.19

SHAWVILLE, QC | Besotted as we are, finding ourselves in yet another season of flooding, giving us just a taste of the anguish and massive expense to come, assuming we continue to refuse a concerted and personal effort to thwart the changes we ourselves are forcing upon our climate, how about an editorial different from the usual -- un-cynical, when cynicism is understandable, focussed on the tiny, when the big picture needs our attention, one step, one life-change, every day ...

Is what we fear
of strangers
that they fear us?

Inside our shining ball,
Is it transparent?
is it reflecting?

Something is happening, Mr. Jones And we don't know what it is ...
How could we?

All that we own,
when it speaks,
owns us.

Do not restrict
by restricting,
do it by flooding.

We are all monks
in the Temple
of Daily Living


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