China-bashing looks backwards, not to the future

China, both "communist" yet economically successful -- something's wrong there! -- plus racially different: there's an enemy for us!

That seems to have been the extent of a lot of the mental activity within the Canadian/American thinking class (as they like to characterize themselves). And, presto, we are awash in accusations of industrial spying, 5-G sabotage (via Huawei), COVID-19 rumour-mongering, and the maleficent intentions of the Belts & Roads initiative, plus the spread of Confucius Institutes - around the world!

Proof positive, say the China-bangers, that we must reject virtually everything Chinese. Apart from Chinese cuisine, of course, and chop-sticks. Everything else must be rejected -- from Huawei's bid for 5-G telecommunications participation to China's outrageous claims to rocks within its territorial waters.

First, whatever happened to the old maxim that we should "keep our enemies close"? (A counsel of Sun Tzu.) And does this maxim suggest that the reason Canada remains so firmly within the American embrace that they are, in fact, our greater enemies? After all, aren't many of our industrial and trade difficulties due to that very Yankee embrace: for one, the continental petroleum distribution network that has Canada shipping our raw material to various US refineries, and then buying it back. (As opposed to little Mexico now building a new refinery in Mexico.) Or our media, controlled largely by US investors (eg PostMedia) … you get the picture.

Or that Canada must join the Five Eyes network, now focussed almost exclusively on China (besides our spying on each other's citizenry, as demonstrated by Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.)

Yet, where is the military threat from China? Have they invaded or toppled governments in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Panama, etc? Have the Chinese tried assassinating leaders (as, say, 74 US attempts on the life of Fidel Castro -- or, successfully, of Admiral Yamamoto and General Soleimani). Do they meddle in their neighbouring governments directly (as in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia) Maybe they have, but we haven't heard about it? It remains that we have heard about these other aggressive acts and they have not diminished our allegiance to the States.

China has moved into Tibet and western China and threatens Taiwan -- zones once a part of China itself.

But China has a massive technological apparatus focussed on spying on us (looking back at the Five Eyes?) and exercises dominant control over telecommunications and social media, doesn't it? Yet our daily press reveals privacy violations continually and openly by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple -- this is OK, but similar violations by slanted-eye people are not acceptable? Hey!

Certainly there are non-military and non-economic initiatives from China we should fear. No doubt the Chinese are aggressive in manufacturing and trade. That's their whole point: China doesn't need to conquer the world when they can dominate it economically. Why, in fact, would they shoulder themselves with the expense and the hassle?

Can't we argue that China (with its almost 2 billion population) is showing us the way? They are the world's future: over-population, pollution, terrorism, resource shortages, spread of hostile ideologies. As long as the rest of the world does so little to reign in these problems, won't we all soon be facing China's problems today? With so few other examples on hand, we'll be studying Chinese history soon, and not because the Chinese are forcing it upon anyone.


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