Healthcare providers who are vax-deniers?
Posted 10.7.21

SHAWVILLE, QC | Have you noticed that, amid all the uproar and dispute over Covid and vaccinations, there is one health field in particular which has a surprising share of vax-deniers protesting assaults on their personal liberty.

Vaccine mandates and vaccine infrastructure, like the infamous passports most of us now carry, feel like attacks on liberty -- to some. Others of us feel that all health professionals ought to be the most aggressive in encouraging full vaccination coverage. Just ask your doctor. Or dentist ... or optometrist ... ask most nurses and health-service technicians, most support the vaccination drives.

But there remains one very large field of health services that seems to harbour well above the average numbers of deniers, that's "alternative health". That includes all those professionals trained to aid us in pursuit of a healthy, pain-free life, outside formal hospitals.

Alternative health care, personal care, trainers, masseuses, mid-wives, even osteopaths and acupuncturists -- you've used their services? I'm sure most of us have; they are crucial in keeping us healthy and fit, and play a critical role in taking some pressure off the mainstream, government-financed official health-care system.

These alt-professionals often end up with very problematic patients, suffering difficulties which mainstream health cannot resolve. Alternative health care has a longer history by far than mainstream health; in China, it goes back three to four thousand years; in early indigenous cultures, healers and shamen were an integral part of their societies, with a vast experiential knowledge of herbs and "natural" treatments.

These treatments can be effective, I speak from my own experience with acupuncture and TCM (right in my family), chiropractic treatments and therapeutic massage. I'm often puzzled why both streams are not integrated into one mutually-supportive public health system ... but that's a separate topic.

One point: these alternative healers continually struggle against Big Pharma and its advertising. Today, they see mass vaccinations as a blank cheque for these huge corporations. It's easy to imagine some conspiracy. And they are correct, they seem the only counterweight to uncontrolled, profit-driven Pharma.

Fast forward to today's pandemic. Mainstream health research has gone all in, basically inventing a new type of vaccine -- and then testing it on millions of cases. Alternative health has been less proactive -- in fact, not positive at all; many alt-practitioners have joining the anti-vaxers.

Given the extreme consequences of many Covid infections, it is hard to grasp the alt-health trade-off: which identifiable dangers are they avoiding which are as likely as Covid's adverse ones? Where's their cost-benefit analysis?

These alternative folks are professionals, well-trained, many with years of experience -- they know bodies! They can evaluate their physical complexities to an impressive degree. They usually keep themselves in good health. And they've witnessed the multiple ill-effects of Big Pharma in the health-system driver's seat.

However, is that enough? How comfortable would you be, dear reader, in any health professional's office to learn they are not vaccinated? Is their treatment worth the risk? Do you even ask? And shouldn't we ask?

And what about those alternative care-givers themselves? What about their own health, working with clients who may be asymptomatic carriers?

They no doubt are also considering these questions: -- are they not concerned with spreading the virus to their clients? -- with infecting their own family members, who may not be as robust as are they? -- are they not concerned that should anyone contract Covid and blame it on their services, their business will collapse? -- or that clients who claim to be thus infected will sue them?

All to say, the message to such care providers is that they ought to give their position and their arguments a very strong second and third look, for their own benefit.

Even with their strong arguments, when they transgress public opinion so starkly, blow-back is guaranteed. The message to us, consumers of alternate health care, is that we'd be advised to ask our providers if they are vaccinated. That's vaccinated twice.

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