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Tomkin's Creek

Incident at Tomkin's Creek

May 17, 1995

You may think I've finally gone off the deep end of the wharf when I tell you what happened near the boathouses at Tomkins Creek a week or so ago.

Like most people who have seen something unexplainable, I was hestitant to come forth with this sighting.

About 3 p.m. of a Thursday I was happily fishing away on the lakeside of the creek. As usual I was chatting with my fishing buddy for the day about everything under the sun. When he asked me if I believed in Memphre, I said it would be great to see him (or it) someday.

Two or three perch had made their way up onto the concrete remnants of the old wharf that served as our spot for the afternoon when, suddenly, my partner started yelling and pointing south and began yelling "Do you see that? Do you see that?"

I thought he was trying to me to se a surfacing fish. I couldn't see what it was he was pointing at because I wasn't exactly expecting what was to come.

About 50 yards away there was something very large displacing a lot of water and leaving a wake behind it. The sun's rays glittered on the wake while we watched whatever it was move along at a slow speed.

There just isn't any reasonable explanation as to what we were seeing in front of us -- it was very similar to what a dark submarine might look like if it moved along just under the water.

The water rolled off the top of the moving object. It's back never broke through the water. The movement was similar to what might happen when a whale or a porpoise swims alongside a boat. At any rate, we were understandably amazed at what was happening and we watched as the wake stopped and the surface became calm.

Make no mistake -- this was no sub-surface school of smelt and it was far too large to be an otter. One time, on another lake, something similar had me thinking about what I was seeing. But even a large otter, which can measure six feet head to tail, cannot displace that much water.

Although we never saw the creature in question surface, I believe that what we saw that day is what other people have seen and have also had a hard time explaining.

It could be that my friend and I finally saw the legendary Lake Memphremagog monster -- monstrously large perhaps, but peaceful in its movement.

I hope it was you, Memphre, because I can't the incident out of my mind. Stay low, stay deep, and continue to make us all wonder. It's probably safer that way.

An admirer...

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