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Posted 11.30.00
Cedarville, Quebec


Memphre Fo-Kam® Now Operational

Log Cabin Chronicles installs Hot! New! propriety imaging technology in a spare-no-expense effort to finally get to the bottom of the centuries-old tale of the Serpent of Beautiful Waters

CEDARVILLE, QUEBEC | This is it, people. We're going monster hunting.

Lake monsters, that is. We're going after Memphre.

Or, rather, the truth about Memphre.

And we want you to see her/him/it/them for yourselves.

This is what we're doing:

  • Setting up several Memphre Fo-Kams® (propriety technology still awaiting official Gouvernment du Québec approval, expected shortly after the forced municipal mergers are completed) at various locations around Lake Memphremagog.

  • Utilizing wireless data transmissions to beam the Fo-Kam® images to our servers in Burlington, Vermont.

  • lakeRotating the point-of-view seen by viewers. That is, the actual image on your browser will come from a different Fo-Kam® site. Be sure to clear your browser cache often to insure you are downloading the latest image.

  • We're not sure that our experimental under-the-ice illumination system (we've dubbed it Illuminati®) will work but we're going to give it a shot. This may help ascertain what Memphre eats and, if fish, how many and how often. Personally, we have never subscribed to the benthic feeder theorum.

  • Rewarding the first viewer who can prove that he/she/them actually witnessed Memphre in an official Fo-Kam® transmission with a genuine Log Cabin Chronicle Memphre tee-shirt designed by yours truly.
All you have to do is check out the Fo-Kam® image every time you log on to the LCC. It's probably a good idea to have a quick look just before you log off, too. Just in case...

Good luck to all hands and - happy monster hunting.

Oh, yes -- here's the official Memphré Website published by Jacques Boisvert, the world's first, and leading, dracontologist.

And Mrs. Murgatroyd, if you read this or hear about this, don't get your knickers in a twist - you, too, are eligible to win one of my original Memphre tee-shirts.