Log Cabin Chronicles

René Bolduc

Digital Image © 1999 John Mahoney

René Bolduc of Sherbrooke, Quebec, is an exceptional photographer. At 37, he is just starting to hit his stride. He first took up photography when he was in the fifth grade, and got serious about it sixteen years ago. Bolduc makes pictures with small plastic cameras, a Rollei, a 4x5 field camera, and his latest love -- an 8x10 Zone VI field camera. Contact prints, of course. He has a day job running a high-end drum scanner in the pre-press industry (he trained for three years in Montreal, at Ahuntsic College, in pre-press technologies). The Log Cabin Chronicles is delighted to be able to offer a sampling of his work. If you like what you see, send René Bolduc an e-mail. Just click "Gallery E" to view his photographs.


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